Who am I

As a young child my Grandfather use to take me out on many great expeditions. We explored and calculated how deep the shaft of a old coal mine was by throwing a stone into it and measuring the time it took to hit the ground.

We took a ride on an old steam train or built a plane out of two deck chairs part of the lawnmower and some plant pots.

And on every expedition his old Rollei B35 was with him. This was the first time I had contact to cameras.

Many years later I was infected by the virus of photography. I saved up every penny I could and got myself my first Minolta SLR camera.
I used this a lot and learnt a lot.
At some time digital photography started to become more interesting to me and I decided to sell of the Minolta system and go the digital way.

You can read all about my personal photographic history on these pages.

I am sure my Grandad is looking down at me being proud as can be.
He was and still is my inspiration.

Now aged 37 I am into photography more than ever. 
My biggest wish is to be able to earn money with my pictures.

I have been lucky enough to sell some images already but not enough to make a living.

So if you see a picture of mine you would like to purchase do not hesitate. Drop a line and I am sure we can get a deal running.

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