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A visit to Paris the last days

In my last post I told you all about our visit to the Eiffel tower and more.
This post I will be showing you some pictures from Montmartre with the wonderful Sacre Coeur, the Notre Dame and some more street action.

First of we had book a free tour through Montmartre with Chirs. And what a wonderful tour this was. Chris was a great tour guide. He took us to those great places in Montmartre. Not only the touristy places. He told us some great stories about the people who lived there.
It was great fun.
At the end of this tour we ended up at the Sacre Coeur.

Of course Moulin Rouge must not be missing. During daytime this is not a very spectacular place. At night it lights up very beautifully.

Chris is the guy on the left with the yellow collar.

How do the french park cars?
Well just like this. :)

Chris told us that this painter has been painting this picture for the past god knows how many months. He sees im very often and he is still not finished.

Hey Chris, I hope you don´t mind me showing you. We had such a great time on your tour. Thanks again.
Greetings from Germany.

After the tour we took some time to look at the art work which is "produced" in Montmartre.

Being a really cold day we decided to take a look inside the Sacre Coeur church. Thanks to the awesome Fuji X100S I was able to take some quick snaps from inside the church. Not allowed but the Fuji is so unobtrusive that the guards did not take notice of me standing in the corner.

This view has been shot many times I know. But hey why not try it again.

After visiting Montmartre we took the Metro to the old cemetery Pere Lachaise.
I set the camera to black and white mode as I thought this was the best way to photograph. It was a dull day anyway.

Except for this one shot. This women just stood out with here red jacket.

The day was coming to an end so we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our evening meal. This time we had booked a table at a restaurant we had found through Tripadvisor.
It´s called Le Tournebievre.

On the way there we came past a fish restaurant and also Notre Dame.

I usually don´t take food shots. But this was so delicious that I just had to take a shot.

A great meal and two glasses of wine later we headed back to the hotel and came past the oldest book store in Paris.

These were taken just outside the oldest book store.

The next morning the weather was looking very promising. We woke up to some sunshine and a blue sky.
What a great day to go on top of Notre Dame and enjoy a magnificent view over Paris.
Well that was until we stood in the queue to go up. The weather changed rapidly. It became very windy and bitter cold.
But hey, we were in the queue already so lets do it.

On this shot I used the EF-X20 flash in the one hand and the X100S in the other. The EF-X20 was fired of by using the internal flash.

An old Citroen CV2

The last day we took an evening meal on a dinner cruise boat on the Seine. This was great. Food was good and the view in the evening was great.

The last day came far to fast. Paris was and is a great city to go. There are so many shots left to be taken.
Especially street shooters can have some great time.

I do hope you enjoyed reading about Paris and looking at my pictures. As always I sure did enjoy taking them.
Do leave a comment on what you think.

Coming up next are some stunning shots from Dubai. What a contrast that was to Paris. So be sure to come back.

Thanks for your time.


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