Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

Fuji X100S First look

I just could not resist.
The X100S has just arrived and I just had to get it.

After a short email with my local dealer which let me know he had exactly one Fuji X100S on stock I went to the shop and picked it up.

That was this afternoon.

I had only just sold my so loved X100. The cash was still warm as it swapped the owner.
The X100S was mine.

Luckily enough I still had a spare battery left from my X100 in the cupboard which meant I did not have to wait for the original one to charge. It is doing so wright now.

So what can I say after such a short time:

Please note. I have had the camera just a few hours and this is no scientific review.

The AF is faster. What I did notice is that the camera does not hunt any more. You can notice the PDAF as the focus knows which direction to take. Yes you can notice that.

Otherwise the settings are much like my X-E1 and I can easily take my jpeg settings I use on this Fuji.
The AF field selector on the dial is much, much better. Most definitely it will be used much more than on the X100.
Start up time and write speed onto a Sandisk Extreme with 45Mbit/s is faster. I used the exact same card as on my X100.

I also noticed that the dials are a little firmer than on the X100. The dials have a kind of klicking sound to them. Very nice indeed.
Not much I can say about the EVF yet as I have not used it much. It does seem to have less lag than on the X-E1 but I am not 100% sure about that.

The MF is crazy. Just a fast quarter of a turn on the focus ring lets the focus jump from 0.1m to infinite focus. Just within a split second.
Focus peaking works really well and the split image can be useful some times. Horizontal lines are best to use with this type of MF.
MF is now usable!!!

What I do like is that I can choose a minimum shutter speed in Auto ISO. Something I miss on the X-E1.

As time goes by and after more use of the X100S I will write up a review with some Real World samples. I definitely will not be showing any brick walls or trees with bright white sky to provoke CA's in any kind.

Until then enjoy the first pictures. Not many at all but they do show how great this camera is.
These are Jpeg OOC with absolutely no post processing except for a little cropping.
I shot them in my dim lit office with the fill flash.

Just look at the details on these shots. Just amazing.
They are both shot at ISO 800.

Update 27.03.2013 added some more Sample shots. All pictures are untouched Jpeg´s OOC except for reducing size.
Unfortunately the weather in my home town is not nice at all. It was cold and raining so not the best shooting conditions at all.

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