Sonntag, 16. September 2012

New York Day 5

After a very moving day 4 in New York it was a little hard to get my thoughts back again.

The 9/11 museum and memorial had taken some effect me.

What better way to get back to normal life again as to take pictures. We got up as early as possible to take some great pictures of the bronze bull down near Wall Street.
Being their the day before we noticed that we had to be at the statue early enough to avoid all the tourists.

And that is just what we did.

It was around 8.30am and there was no soul to be seen at the bull.

After some fun shots with the bull it was time for breakfast. Some waffles and maple sirup later the decision where to go was simple.
We walked towards Brooklyn Bridge and of course across it. As we are crazy people we walked both ways.
First toward Brooklyn and then back again.

Man that was hot. But the pictures I took compensate for the strenuous walk.

We caught the subway up to Union square and visited a grate restaurant called Max Brenner.
This restaurant is a specialist when it comes to serving chocolate deserts.

A chocolate Martini.

It was time for a rest back at the Z Hotel.
The evening was going to be a long one today.

On the schedule for this evening was a boat trip along the Hudson, past the Statue of Liberty and back again. All this including a three course meal of great quality.

We got all dressed up and got a yellow cab to the piers.

And this is where I took my best picture I have ever taken!
Well at least the is my opinion.

The light was just magnificent as we sailed past the Skyline of Manhattan.
Perfect to take some stunning shots.

The sun had set as we approached the Statue of Liberty.

After this stunning evening I thought it could not get better.
Thought wrong again.
The evening was not over yet and as this was my wife´s very special birthday she had one more wish.

Let us head to the Empire State Building were the words of my wife. And that is just what we did.
It was quarter past eleven at night as we reached the top of the Empire State.
The view, even at night, was amazing.

After a very long day we got back to the hotel long after midnight.

I can say that New York is a great city to visit and a even better one for photography.

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