Montag, 10. September 2012

New York Day 4

A big HELLO to all my dear readers out there. You are becoming more and more and I do hope you enjoy reading about my visits to foreign places and looking at the pictures I take.

I certainly do enjoy every single minute of it. Being away and taking pictures and coming back home again to recapture the moments by looking at these.

Today I will bring you all about day 4 in New York and boy this was a hot day in the Big Apple.

We had nothing special planed for this day so we decided to take it easy.
We headed down to Wall Street as my intension was to capture the, well lets say: Money!!!

After these two shots it clicked and I clicked away getting my streetphotography skills up a little.

As you can imagine I took a lot more street shots but I don´t want to boor you with them.

9/11 Memorial 

I do not want to spend to many words on this very sad and depressing part of the history of New York.
Visiting the 9/11 Memorial museum first of was rather overwhelming on my feelings. It all came back again.
The pictures, the news, the live feed on TV. 

Although being so far away at the time it all felt so close seeing and reading about this very tragic and unnecessary act of terror.

At the time it was hard to capture my feelings into pictures as it is now to capture them in words.
All I can say is I had tears in my eyes.

Let the pictures speak.

The actual 9/11 Memorial fountains

There are no words to express what one feels when seeing all these names.

The people of New York still do not like to talk about this tragedy.

But life goes on and it is no point to stop living just because some poltroons.

And that is just what we did.

After this very sad and oppressive moment it was time to move on. We got back on the No. 4 subway and got of again at Grand Central a place pulsating with life.

Just some more street shots.

Wow, what a day this was. By this time it was time for some food. The Halal guys are a good place to get something good.
We decided to share it with some sparrows.

Day 4 was coming to an end and it was time to head back to the hotel. 
Just to build a bridge to Day 1 some more yellow cabs.

By the time we had reached the Z Hotel again it was beginning to dawn. A beer on the roof top bar for me and a cocktail for my wife was just the thing to end such a day with a magnificent view on Manhattan.

I do hope you enjoyed this episode of the New York visit and will come back to read all about the highlight day 5 with pictures from the Skyline taken from the hudson as well as the night view over Manhattan taken on top of the Empire State Building. 
And lots more.

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