Montag, 3. September 2012

New York Day 3

First of all I would like to apologize for the delay of this post. It has been a busy time the past few days.
No excuse though.

Today my dear colleague came up to me and asked what was up. His words where as follows: Hey Daniel, whats up? I am desperately waiting for your post on day 3 in New York! I want to read about your trip! And I WANT PICTURES.
Well T.U. this is nearly just for you ( of course this is for all my other dear readers out in the world waiting.)

Day 3: 

We started early this morning. On the plan was an 8 hour bus tour through Manhattan, The Bronx, Harlem and down to the piers.

We got to the Gray Line Bus Tour on time to verify our tour and had a half hour left for a small breakfast.
Just up the road was a small cafe which we stepped into.
I ordered a regular coffee and a chocolate donut.

After this short breakfast the tour started.
The guide reminded me somewhat of Woody Allen. He was a real talkative man and just did not stop. But all in a good way.
Passing on information, answering hour questions and just going on about New York. If I remember rightly his name was David.

Riding the bus through Manhattan he told us all about this part of New York.

After Manhatten was done the bus drove us up to Harlem. (Sorry, no pictures from Manhattan, but out of the bus window is not the best.)

This was in a huge church in Harlem.

After the visit to the church in Harlem we drove down to Central Park. To be more precise we went to see the conservatory garden in Central Park.

As soon as we had left the road it became very peaceful and quiet.

We had a very quiet ten minutes in this garden and enjoyed every one of it knowing that it would become noisy again within a few minutes.

By this time it was coming up eleven in the morning and we made our way to lunch which was part of the tour.
This meant driving all the way down to Little Italy as this was our next destination.

Again not much to be seen out of the bus window, except one typical view in New York.

The steak was good and my stomach was full.

All aboard? Great.
Back on tour just a few blocks down to the pier. Next up a one hour journey on the boat along the Hudson.

David, our guide had a little rest and time to drink some water. After talking nonstop he was thirsty.
The guide on the boat just called himself J.D. said from himself;
"With glasses I look like Steve Jobs and without like Freddy Kruger"

He sure was funny.

Part one of the water sightseeing was beneath the three bridges Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and Washington Bridge. And how easy is it to remember these three names? Right BMW. Get it?

The Skyline is a great view from whichever perspective you take a look at it.

This is as close as we got to the Lady with the largest shoes in the World.

Ladys and Gentlemen, J.D aka Steve Jobs.

Just another skyline picture

The hour past far to quickly and it meant getting on the bus again.
It was worth it that I can tell you.

The days highlight was still to come.
Another highlight you are asking yourself? Yes it got even better.
Included in hour tour was the admission to Top of the Rock.

As we had a fast lane ticket we did not have to wait too long in the queue.
Not much to talk about. Just enjoy the pictures.

Unfortunately the view was not all that good. The smog was there as you can see.

Wow, that was one long day and my wife and I where very hungry by now. We decided to do a real touristy thing.
Of to the Hard Rock cafe on Times Square.

Just a street shot on the way to the evening meal.

After we had taken a seat at the Hard Rock we noticed how exhausting this day had been up to now. So much information and new impressions.

What a great way to end a very, very long day with loads of pictures, new impressions and smoking brains.

Time to go back to the hotel.

As we arrived in the hotel room I just had to take a small peak out of the window just to finish of this awesome day.

I hope you enjoyed this day. I know I did at the time.

Let me know if you liked this small report and do come back again.
Day 4 is just around the corner.

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  1. Hey Daniel,

    nice post for day 3 of your trip.

    Finally my persistently asking for new impressions of New York was successful :-)

    Now waiting for day 4 to come...