Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Istanbul Day 3 Part II

Back again as promised with part II of Day 3.
Some of you folks let me know that you did not think the pictures are to good. Just normal travel pics and so on.
I did explain the difficulties that occurred during the Istanbul travel with my Fuji X100 namely the Sticky Aperture Blades (SAB).
This really did make shooting very hard as I just had to rely on the EV scale in the viewfinder.

Well I did not stick my X100 in the bag and think oh bugga no more pictures from Istanbul then.


I thought to myself. Well what a good way to learn even more about this camera. So I did as you have seen in the last posts.

Enough said, lets get down to some more pictures.

This was the last evening we had and it was great. The weather was finally nice and the warm lighting was great for taking some street shots.

On this first the light was really this dark. Being situated between some larger houses the sun did not manage to light the front guy any more.

These pictures were all taken walking. I did not stop.

Walking along the streets I was becoming more confident to just stick the camera to my eye and snap away.

Yes the hand is in the way, but hey as I said. Walking along and not stopping.

What can happen if you take a bus in Istanbul.
Right, you don´t get there.

And what is the better alternative?

This cab was a lucky one. The camera was sitting in my hand by my hips and I just pushed the button without looking. I like it.

Yes I know, sometimes I could have been closer. I could crop the shots.
But I want to show the pictures as they have been taken. These are Jpegs OOC no post processing what so ever.

This last one was such a nice view. The sun, the light. It just looked so nice.

On the whole Istanbul set this is the only picture that has been developed from the raw file.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did taking them.

Until then enjoy shooting.

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