Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2012

Istanbul Day 3 Part I

Back again after some hard days work. Now I have some nice 4 days of as it is a bank holiday in Germany today.

The last post updated you on our Istanbul trip and the SAB problem which occurred during the trip. Unfortunately it did not repair itself so I had to live with it and I think I managed it well.

On this third day of our visit we had a guided tour to the big attractions of this overwhelmingly big city.
We went to see the Blue mosque, Hagia Sofia and the Hippodrome. This time we went inside and also had some history and background information.

Starting of at 8 in the morning we where picked up by a minibus and drove through the city to pick up all the other participants.
After all had entered we took a ride to the Blue Mosque and stood in the queue to go inside.
The Blue Mosque being a used mosque we had to take of our shoes and put them in a bag. No problem for me and my wife as we respect other cultures.

And then we saw why most people are stunned by the site.

This might look very small but believe me this is one huge building. When the mosque is in use for praying up to about 10.000 yes ten thousand people can fit into this mosque.

To reach around the big round posts on the left ore right side you would need about 10 maybe 12 people. So you can imagine the size a little better.

After leaving the mosque again the weather had cleared up significantly. We where treated with a wonderful blue sky and nice warm sunshine.

This shot was taken outside the Blue Mosque while waiting for the rest of the group to gather up so we could walk over to the Hagia Sophia.
Yes you can easily walk there as it is literally across the road.

This is the inside of the Hagia which is now used as a museum. Looking up you can see that some treatment would be nice to make it look even nicer.

The dome is around about 60 meters high.

We then walked upstairs and took a view downwards.

Looking up again I spotted something I did not expect. But of course the Hagia Sophia was a christian church at first and then became a mosque and as stated is now a museum.

After this we walked out to the Hippodrome and took a look at where Ben Hur raced is horses.
On the way I photographed this minaret peaking into the blue sky

Thats all for the moment.
Next up will be Part 2 of Day 3.
I am deliberately splitting this in two parts as the second is more about street shots and it would not really fit into the "culture" part of our Istanbul trip.
Be sure to come back and take a look at part 2.

Until now, just enjoy.

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