Freitag, 18. Mai 2012

A short visit to Zurich/Switzerland

DSCF3218 by Stockografie

On the last weekend of April my Wife, the X100 and I went to Zurich/Switzerland to visit some friends.

Of course I had my Fuji X100 with me to take some pictures. Unfortunately the weather was not quit as I had wished for so I decided to set my Fuji to Black and White mode.

We were waiting in this small restaurant drinking a aperitif and waiting for our table to clear as I pushed the shutter button and took this picture. It is just a snap shot of the bartender doing his job.
I just liked the look of all the bottles in the background.

The atmosphere was really nice in this small restaurant.

As I said, the weather was not really nice. It was overcast and it even rained quit hard in the morning.
The colors where so gray in gray which made me decide to shot in black and white.

So we all know how hard and tiering a trip to a strange city can be. At some time of the day one is just exhausted from all the new impressions we have got. Ones feet are hurting and just do not want to go any further. The best thing to to is find somewhere to sit down and relax.

This is just what this quy did.

These two where just walking down the street while we where waiting for our friends to go out on Saturday evening.

That is all from our visit to Zurich. Next up will be a article, more than likely split into two or three parts about our visit to Istanbul.

Until then enjoy.

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