Montag, 28. Mai 2012

Istanbul Day 2 and the SAB problem

After having a nights rest in our hotel with the air conditioning running and being loud but not really cooling much me went to have some breakfast (after which we decided to not have any the next 2 days but to look out for something ourselves)

We then got ready to take a walk into town to take a good look around. Unfortunately the weather was not to good. The sky was overcast and at times it looked like it might even rain.
Walking down to the Hagia Sophia my wife and I decided to take a first glimpse at the great bazar.

Going on after this first experience of the labyrinth the Great Bazar is we took the hop on hop off bus to the Taksim square.

The life is just pulsating on this square. Cars, Buses and so many people.
From this square the old tram takes its journey down Taksim road.

I wanted to take a picture of the Tram, well actually I did, and when I looked at it on the screen of my X100 I just thought to myself...

... what th f... damn f..... shi...... I can not believe this is happening to me in this pulsating metropolis. I would have loved to jump around in circles and shout out loud "Damn you Fuji and your SAB

This is a short youtube video explaining the problem.

I still managed to get the picture of the tram as I set up the camera completely manually. Luckily enough I knew exactly what was going on. But still at first it was very frustrating.

Still the highlights are not as good as the Fuji can reproduce them. I very quickly learned how to read the exposure indicator to set up the camera in full manual mode.

I tried some street shot with my broken X100 but was not quite happy with the results yet.
Moving along down the road towards the Galata tower I took some more shots of the tram and the "architecture" of Istanbul

After reaching the top of the Galata Tower I was able to take some pictures of this amazing city that just does not seem to end. It is just HUGE

The sight over Istanbul was really overwhelming if you come from a small town like I do. It just does not stop. Not even behind the horizon.

After seeing this amazing view we went on and of course I still had to learn more about setting up my X100 in manual mode so I just snapped away trying to catch the atmosphere of Istanbul.

Reaching the Arabic Bazar was another highlight of our short visit. The colors are just absolutely amazing. Just the right place to take a X100, even if it is not working correctly.

The weather then decided to clear up and we decided to take another walk down the the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia.
On the way I gave my Street Photography another chance.
These shots were taken as I was walking along. By this time I was able to set up my camera really fast without giving much thought to the Sticky Aperture Blade problem.

This is a very special shot for me as it shows all facets of this metropolis. It is a muslim country but then again it is very westerly orientated.
And still the people have not forgotten their heritage.

Just a guy with is red dot camera. ;-)

Finally I managed to get some shots with lovely lighting.
The Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia.

That was Day 2 in Istanbul. Make sure you come back to read more about my trip on Day 3.
There is more to come.

All pictures are Jpeg´s OOC. If you would like to know the settings just drop a line.

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