Montag, 21. Mai 2012

Istanbul Day 1

A few days ago my wife and I took a short 4 day trip to Istanbul to see this amazing city at the edge of Europe.

After landing at Istanbul/Ataturk airport we decided to get a taxi to our hotel in the heart of the old part of the town. This was one impression. The taxi driver was literally racing through the streets, asking other pedestrians were to go and then just suddenly stopped, got out of the car, went to the boot of his cab to grab our suitcase and just went on in turkish. Luckily enough some guys near by translated for us into English.
The cabdriver had said to walk down the street, the third street to the right and then we will see our hotel.
Problem being the roadworks which he could not pass. So we walked straight trough the road works, pulling our suitcase behind us and keeping a look out for the hotel.
Sure enough it was just as described.

We checked in, gave our face a wash making sure not to drink the water and went out on foot to take a first look at the city.

The first shot of the day and the Fuji X100 not working as I wanted.

So I decided to give it another try.

By the second shot I noticed that it was not the camera but me making the mistake.

Walking along I was to overwhelmed by this large metropolis that I did not take any more pictures walking along.

In the evening then we went to the Orient House to have a nice dinner and a great show.

This was some fun to watch and a challenge to take some nice pictures due to the constantly changing light.

After the show we walked back to the hotel and there I took the last picture of the first day.
This lovely illuminated mosque was just wanting to be captured by me.

The first day had gone and I was happy as could be, fell into bed and had a good nights sleep.

Coming up next of course day two and a sh....(%%/=)(/=?( fu/(("))$=!!=§ thing happened to my X100.
No I did not drop it, no water, beer or anything like that.

Wait for the next part and I will let you know what happened.

All shown pictures are Jpeg pictures with no tweaking except for resizing for the blog.
If you would like to know which settings I used just drop a line.

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