Sonntag, 18. März 2012

Finally a new Post

Hello again,

First of all I must apologies for not writing anything since November.
This has more than one reason.
One is that I have been really busy at work. Second is that I have had a tragic and still ongoing sickness of a family member which has been costing a lot of energy and last but not least I just have not been shooting blog worthy pictures at all.

BUT things are picking up again and I have finally had time to take some pictures with my beloved Fuji X100.

I am still loving the Fuji and with every picture I take I fall in love with it again and again, and again........

So to start of the picture session I will show you some spring pictures.

As you can see spring is just around the corner and I am looking forward to some nice sunny days with lovely colors, warm days and great pictures.

Second part of todays pictures were taken at Stuttgart Airport.


Being at a place with loads of people I just had to try my skills as a "Street Photographer". This type of shooting is becoming more and more popular and I can see why.
It is just so much fun to take pictures of people in these every day situations that we sometimes all are in.

Like this guy walking in a cool manner to well... wherever he was going

Another one was this young man taking a look at something on his mobile device. A scene which is to be seen so often these days (sometimes I would even say unfortunately)

Maybe he was booking his rental car.

That was tiering, I think I need to go and have a relaxing cup of coffee. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Do not hesitate to let me know if you did.

Oh by the way. All pictures were taken if Raw and developed in Apple Aperture 3.2

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