Samstag, 24. März 2012

Classic Cars and the X100

Today was a great day. I traveled to the Stuttgart exhibition near the Airport to visit this years Retro Classic.
So I got to the local train station and got the suburban train to the exhibition.

An hour later I finally was at my destination and started shooting with my lovely Fuji X100.

This was the first keeper with more to come.

Then I saw this old bike. Wow, I cannot imagine that this is still running.

What a great place to be. Lots of nice vintage cars and plenty of space to shoot some great pictures.

Like this Mercedes SL in its race trim.

Of course the lighting was not really this dark. I set up the camera to ISO 400 F 5,6 and 1/250s to get this "dark effect"

I like it. What about you?

Moving on through all these great cars to fill up my SD-Card and drain my battery.

This Porsche was lit up with just one spot in a more dim area of the exhibition

And then I walked into hall number 4. The race car part of this years Retro Classic

First picture is this Gulf Porsche 917. This car was so low that it would easily fit under the Trailer of a normal sized truck. Absolutely amazing.

Further on there where all these really old race cars.

Walking on trough the exhibition hall there was an old NSU TT with the very typical opened  engine hood. On this car the engine is placed in the back of the car and the race car version mostly opened the engine bay to guarantee enough cooling for the engine to prevent it from over heating.

Right next to the NSU they placed a race version of a what I think is a Fiat 500. But I am not quite sure.

Of course a Formula 1 car must not be missing.

And now to a few shots especially for my friend over in the US. Ericson I hope these are the ones you wanted to see.
I am very sorry, but there was no Turbo that was worth taking a picture of.

And that was my day at Stuttgart´s Retro Classic.

On the way home I took this one last picture.

I hope you liked the shots I took. I sure enjoyed taking them at the time.

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