Sonntag, 27. November 2011

My photographic history Part VI

My last post was about my short visit I took with the the Olympus E-PL2 which was not quite the right way to got.
As I also mentioned Fuji´s X100 was on its way and I needed one desperately.

A great offer came along on the german dslr-forum. I was able to buy a near enough new X100 including the original adapter ring and lens hood for less than a new X100 itself. The good thing was that this camera had only taken about 200 test shots. I just had to have it but how should I finance nearly 1000€. There was only one way, I had to sell off all my µFT gear. Really everything. So off it went. The E-PL2 my 14mm prime and the great 20mm 1.7 lens as well. Luckily enough I was able to sell everything to a fair price and was now capable of buying the Fuji X100.

So that is what I did.
Finally the postman delivered the packet with the Fuji and as you can imagine I celebrated the unboxing like nothing else. What a joy to hold this master peace of camera in my hands.
What a joy to turn the aperture ring or the shutter speed dial. And wow, this viewfinder is just awesome. This whole camera feels like a brick, just not as heavy.

Off to the first pictures I took with this great little camera.

This was one of the very first pictures I took with the Fuji X100

This last one was a test for the Dynamic Range everyone was on about. And yes it is really great.

Not long after I purchased the X100 my wife and I went of to Lake Constance and all I took with me was the all new Fuji, some spare SD Cards and batteries.

The camera has a macro mode as well. Mmmhh I thought, is this one as good as a macro mode as say on my Powershot G10? Of course it can not beat a 105mm Nikkor Marco lens. But let us see what it is capable of.

Next up was a short trip to Stockholm/Sweden. You know what I did? Again I left everything else at home and just picked up my X100, loads of memory cards and plenty of spare batteries.
It was just so relieving to leave everything else at home and just focus on the picture itself.
The Fuji is just made for traveling about and not having to miss great shots.

The Fuji X100 has one Crazy Dynamic Range

It felt just right to shot the Fuji and in Stockholm I began to realize that my photography had changed once again.

A night view from Stockholm´s restaurant Gondolen

As the Fuji X100 is so quiet and stealthy I thought I might try some street shots. My very first and long not as good as the ones from Thomas Leuthard. But I tried.

Back home I noticed that I did not take as many pictures as I used to. HOWEVER, the quality of the single pictures was better. I had more keepers than before.

A friend from LA who I am in contact regularly also wants the X100 but has not been able to purchase one yet. We met up while he was on a business trip in Germany and went of to the Mercedes-Benz Museum. Of course I had the Fuji with me.

And finally some shots that I took because I had my camera with me. Oh how I love the X100

I do hope you liked this long and final post about my photographic history. Well for now anyway.
Who knows what is to come. Maybe the new Fuji mirror less system, or a Panasonic GH2 (yeah I would like to try out video as well)

Until then I wish everyone the right light for the right picture.

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