Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2011

My photographic history Part II

Yesterday I showed you pictures taken with my first digital camera. A Canon Powershot S2is. I also said that I went for a DSLR after some time.

I decided to buy myself a Nikon D80 including a Tamron 17-50 2.8 lens. A great combination at the time. So I took this camera with me on our honeymoon. Maybe not quite ideal not really knowing how this thing with all the buttons and possible settings works.
Also not really knowing the difference between PSAM. I just took pictures and was happy about the nice sound the mirror maid when it flipped up.

See the pictures I took

From all the nearly 5000 pictures I took I just kept, well maybe 700.
And these are some of the best. You can easily see that at the time I was a little bit overwhelmed with this camera.

Then I thought, well I am not really taking good pictures. Maybe I need a different lens. So I got a zoom lens. But the pictures did not get better. Ahh I know, it wasn´t the right lens. I need a wide angle lens.
The Tokina 12-24 was the one to get. No still not the right one.

Now I know. Prime is the thing to have. After doing some reading the Nikkor 50mm 1.8 seemed like a good one.
Not to expensive. Good image quality and quite fast.
It seemed like this was not a bad choice. I managed to take some really nice portraits.

My Grandmother on her 90th birthday, the last one she celebrated

But still my pictures did not really get me and I knew just why. I was just not using the D80 enough. Why you might ask yourself?

I just was not taking it with me. It was sitting at home and getting dusty. All these expensive lenses and gear. It was just staying at home. To heavy. Could not be bothered changing the lenses all the time. Oh and did I mention to heavy to lug around all day?

Next post will be about the solution to the too heavy "problem".

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