Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011

My photographic history Part III

Back again after a small internet interruption. After some road works in another part of town a digger dug into the main cable of this parts telephone and internet line.

Last time I let you know about my excursion to the DSLR front.
Still beeing happy with the image quality of my D80 I was fed up of lugging around this large camera.
At this time the Canon Powershot G10 was announced and seemed to be a real great small pocketable camera.

I could not resist. This little camera had to be mine. So I went to the dealer near by and picked one up. Unwrapped it at home, charged the battery and of I was.
This was great. Reasonable image quality for such a small sensor, nice zoom range. Ok,ok the focus was not near enough as fast as the D80 with the Tamron lens but hey it´s a compact and no DSLR.

This camera went with me everywhere my wife and I went. A trip to Munich? The G10 was with me. I did at the time also take my Nikon with me but quit frankly never used it.

Here are some pictures from our trip to Munich

Happy with the results I brought home I started taking a lot more pictures with the G10. Some good and some not so.

Some of the "good" pictures taken with the Powershot G10

Then my wife and I went to London and I decided to leave my Nikon D80 and all the heavy equipment at home and just to take the little Canon Powershot G10 a spare battery and several SD cards with me.

London being a huge city with just too many things to photograph was a card space killer. I shot around about 2000 pictures in just four days.

Of course not every picture was great, but I was really happy not having to carry a heavy camera. Just turn it on, take the shot and that´s it.
I also tried many of the cameras settings such as the in built color key program.

As I was in London taking all these pictures I got the feeling that my type of photography was changing. Changing from thinking too much about pictures to seeing pictures on the street or wherever I was.
I could start seeing the picture before I had taken it. This was a great new way of photography for me.

So take a look at the London picture set

And now on to what I think is my best picture that I took with the Canon. It was taken from a boat which was rotating at 360 degrees round its own axle. I had to set the ISO range right up to 800 on the G10. Not a thing one really likes to do on a compact.
As I got home I imported the RAW file to Lightroom and tweaked it a bit. Especially the luminance noise had to be reduced quite a bit. But take a look for yourself.

That is really all I have to say to the Canon Powershot G10. I really enjoyed this compact camera.
Unfortunately the camera market is developing fast and new models hit the market every month and I am a camera addict by now.

Thinking there is something better out there which is near enough as compact as the G10 but with better image quality, faster autofocus and interchangeable lens system I was opting for a new type of camera on the market.
Maybe I should have stayed with the Canon but as I already said, development just doesn't stop.

Can you think of what I went for after the Powershot? Let me know if you do. Until then keep on taking nice pictures.

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