Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2013

I´m a Fuji Fanboy

Yes you read the title correctly. I am a Fuji fanboy and I am proud of it. Going through a long period of looking for the right camera and camera company for me I have finally found what I want.

And I definitely have fallen in love with the Fuji cameras. Starting in 2011 with the Fuji X100 and then just a year later with the X-Pro1.
Nowadays I use the absolutely awesome Fuji X100S and the X-Mount camera Fuji X-E1.

The question of course is, why I have become a Fuji fan.

1. The cameras itself

Just take a look at this masterpiece of manmade technology. 
I love my X-E1 and the X100S
Everything is set to place on this X100S. 
It was not quite so on the X100 which brings me straight to number 2 on my list.

Montag, 23. September 2013

Das Zeiss Touit 2.8/12mm im Test/ My Zeiss Touit 2.8/12mm Review

This time things are a little different.

I got the chance to review the Zeiss Touit 2.8/12mm lens. This was provided by Zeiss.

Due to the fact that I have man German and English speaking readers I have written up this review in both languages.

You can take a look at which ever PDF you wish. Furthermore I have linked the pictures in this review to my flickr account where you can take a look at them at full size.

Oh and I have not been paid by Zeiss to review this lens.

I do hope you enjoy reading the review and looking at the pictures as much as I did writing it.

Nun für die Deutschen Leser dieses Blogs.

Ich hatte die Möglichkeit das Zeiss Touit 2.8/12mm Objektiv zu testen und darüber zu schreiben. Das Objektiv wurde mir von Zeiss zur Verfügung gestellt.

Ihr könnt wählen welches PDF ihr euch anschaut. Die Bilder die darin gezeigt werden sind mit meinem flickr account verlinkt und können dort in voller Größe angeschaut werden.

Ach ja. Ich wurde nicht von Zeiss dafür bezahlt diesen Bericht zu schreiben.

Hier nun der Link für die Deutsche Version


Below is the link to the english version of the Review.


I just have one question to you all. Are you able to read the embedded PDF file?
Please let me know as I am not sure about this.

Thanks a lot for reading


Samstag, 24. August 2013

Can I do street?

A question many of us ask ourselves. Can I shoot street? Are my street photographs great street pictures or are they just photographs of people with no story behind them?

It started some 3 years ago. The genre of street photography got my interest. I was walking the streets and noticed that there was not much interesting to capture on the SD card. Except for one thing.
The people walking on the street. Old and young, male or female. The expressions on the faces started to fascinate me. But I did not have enough courage to take the pictures of them.

A year later in 2011 I tripped over some shots of a street photographer many of us know.
I read is book Going Candid and learned a lot about how to approach the street.

The camera I had at that time was the Olympus E-PL2 and the 20mm Panasonic lens which I swapped for the Fuji X100.
People wrote things like: "The X100 is the street camera". But that´s not the only reason I bought it. This is a different story though.

Anyway, I had the camera in my hand and loved it. Shortly after we visited Stockholm.
Being in a town where nobody knows me I though I could try my street skills.

Mittwoch, 14. August 2013

Dubai and the Fuji X100S

First of all I would like to apologize to every reader of my blog for leaving you without a new post for such a long time.
Unfortunately my beloved and last Grandfather passed away some three weeks ago. As you can imagine my thoughts have not been with photography, my blog or anything relating this. I have been busy with other stuff.
Secondly I want to take the time and thank all you readers out in the World for taking your time to look by.
It is amazing where you are all from. I have had clicks from all over the World and it would be too much to list all the countries you are from.
I do realize though that without you readers this would not work out for me and I appreciate that with every post I write.

Freitag, 19. Juli 2013

Dubai and the Fuji X

Today I will write a small blog entry about a visit to Dubai.
After visiting Paris and taking loads of pictures there my wife and I came home in the evening. The next afternoon we had to catch a train to the Airport in Munich from where our flight to Dubai departed.
At first I thought this would be very stressful but being prepared is everything.

Our suitcase for the visit to Dubai was pre packed so we could just drop in a few odds and be off.

Weeks before our two trips I thought twice which cameras to take. Two Paris I decided to just take the X100S as I knew we would be walking miles.
The visit to Dubai was not such an easy decision. Should I take the X-E1 and lenses, all my gear or just the X100S?

At the end of the day I took the following with me and this was just right.

Fuji X100S
Fuji X-E1
Fuji 18-55 2.8-4
Walimex 8mm Fisheye

Included in the bag was the Fuji EF-X20 flash plenty of battery power for both cameras and enough SD cards to start a server going with SD cards. :-)

Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013

A visit to Paris the last days

In my last post I told you all about our visit to the Eiffel tower and more.
This post I will be showing you some pictures from Montmartre with the wonderful Sacre Coeur, the Notre Dame and some more street action.

First of we had book a free tour through Montmartre with Chirs. And what a wonderful tour this was. Chris was a great tour guide. He took us to those great places in Montmartre. Not only the touristy places. He told us some great stories about the people who lived there.
It was great fun.
At the end of this tour we ended up at the Sacre Coeur.

Of course Moulin Rouge must not be missing. During daytime this is not a very spectacular place. At night it lights up very beautifully.

Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

A visit to Paris the second day

The first day was a very busy one on our visit to Paris. After we had had a nice evening meal we dropped to bed and had a good nights sleep.

The next morning the four of us started with a nice french breakfast at the hotel before we decided what we would do this day.
Unfortunately the weather was not looking all to good for this day so we decided to go and visit the famous Parisian catacombs.

Out of the hotel room window I took some quick pictures trying out the different filters which are new to the X100S.